What are the Terms and Conditions of the Best Luxury Holiday Villas to Rent

Travellingand exploring are things that no one can afford to miss. During summer, we tend to plan for vacations to different parts of the globe. Are you planning to visit Spain or France? Worry no more, as, at Chic Villas, you will get luxury holiday villas to rent. Chic Villas is a modern property agency that focuses on real estate, established in 2008.

Chic Villas values their clients; therefore, they send their team to inspect it and make sure it meets all the requirements before renting a property out. It is essential to know the terms and conditions of any business or activity with the second party. You will read about Chic Villas’ terms and conditions in this post.


Usually, the prices are indicated in euros. The charges are for a week’s rental services a client will receive. The rentals are fully furnished with all sorts of modern house equipment. The prices include,

• Availability of fully-equipped rooms.
• Room cleaning once the holiday is over.
• House charges bills like gas, water, electricity, etc.

Supplements requisition varies with the kind of accommodation one will get; at some properties, the season is the determiner for things like heating, pool heating, and air conditioning. Information about the supplements is elaborated in the reservation form.

Some property owners don’t accept bookings that exceed two weeks when it comes to reservations. More so when customers peak is high.

Reservation and Payment

It is important to get in touch with Chic Villas before paying for any accommodation so that you get to know if the property hasn’t been occupied and also if it will be available on your preferred dates.

For reservation, one has to fill out a well-filled and signed form; the form should be accompanied by a 30 % deposit of the total accommodation charges. The remaining accommodation balance has to be paid six weeks before the arrival.

Bookings can only be made by individuals of 18 years and above; therefore, valid documents are necessary to book a reservation.

Damage Deposit

Upon entering the accommodation property, you are supposed to pay for the security payments, which will be a cover in case of damages that you might cause to the property. The exact amount to be paid is stated on the reservation form.

The security deposit is refundable only if the owner claims there are no breakages on the property. Immediately one month after your stay, the deposit will be refunded to you.

Failure to have your security deposit paid increases the chances of being denied the accommodation, leading to canceling the reservation.


Arrival and Departure

On the first day at the premises, a client is required to arrive between 1600-1900. When the vacation is over, departing time is before 10.00 on the last day of the vacation. To check in the property on the first day, you will have to present your reservation forms and proof of identity.


Some property owners don’t accept pets on their premises. Therefore, during the reservation, you will have to request, and if it’s accepted, you can check in with your pets.

Take Away

There is nothing better than spending your vacation in a luxury villa. Chic Villas is a property agency that can help you find one place that will suit you and be affordable. They have properties in areas that will give you maximum privacy as you enjoy the vacation. Therefore, if you plan to visit Spain or France, reach them for property reservation guidance.

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